E31 S85 Swap


The Subject!

Let's start with a 1990 850i from Canada - bucket sport seats, 6spd, V12. Diamonschwartz black is OK, but let's go a different direction! Everything from the wheels, paint, interior, and suspension will be completely refreshed on this swap!


The Drivetrain

Swapping the S85 V10 Motor from an E60 M5 into an E31. Making it a 6 speed, complete repaint, ECU integration into Car Body Harness. This will be the most difficult swap we've done to date, but it's possible, and that's all we need: possible.


Lights - Camera Action

New Lights, refinished wheels, this thing is gonna be sweet. 

Stay tuned for this project in action in 2018!

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DIY Paintbooth

Pick the materials


I used 1" x 2" Pine - Very Cheap, easy to transport, cut to size, and glue/nail/staple

I used 4mil plastic sheets - Tough enough to withstand the suction, but transparent enough to let light through. 

I bought 6x box fans and 6x A/C filters. Gotta let air in and out!



You have to pick a good square dimension to use. These are all modular, so technically any one section can be installed anywhere. Not practical, but possible. 

Remember this is modular. I designed 16 sections: 

  • 2 Fan Sections
  • 2 filter sections
  • 1 door section
  • 11 Standard Sections.

Each section is 77" square. Tall enough to paint most cars and get a gun on the roof, but under most garage heights. 

Lather, Rinse, Repeat


With all the sections, they are easily installed, removed, and storable. With 16 sections, you can do 2 wide by 3 long. You can also make it 1x1, 2x2, 1x2...and so on. 

Depending on the part that you're painting, you could make a mini booth or a full on car-size booth. 



Once you build them all, you can now assemble using Harbor Freight Spring Loaded Clamps. They're $1 each and for a full booth you'll need about 60 of them. 

From the outside


From the outside, it looks large, and it needs to be if you want to have doors opening and closing, storing a hood, fender, trim. It's important to fit all of your parts in the booth at the same time. 

77" worked perfect for a 2x3 configuration for painting most cars. 

Total cost


Total cost for all materials was $500

  • Pine Wood
  • Hardware/Nails/Glue
  • Filters
  • Fans
  • 4 mil plastic sheeting
  • surge protector
  • Spring Clips

If you'd like to see more, check out my videos page!