The amount of perfectly good BMWs ending up in auctions, in a shop yard, or worse, in a SCRAP yard, are DISGUSTINGLY high. The result is a tarnished and distorted reputation among regular drivers for being “unreliable” and “expensive”, but that takes all the blame off the key factor in EVERY BMW ownership experience, the owner.

But, to be fair and honest, not everyone has a BMW tech as a parent. Hell, it’s almost like BMW has their techs sign waivers to prevent them from sharing vital information. Even so, some of us brave the task of fishing out yards upon yards of wiring out of the old E30s we desperately want to keep alive, confident we can sort out a failing window roller motor on our own in late 80s wiring, only to be left pulling every last hair out of your head. Now you wanna sell a banged up old E30 without a door panel or a working window roller online to a crowd that has no more idea how to fix it than you do! Stop the cycle.

Frank Macaluso is about to become your next best friend. For YEARS he has personally restored some of the finest examples of E30 and E36 models, and in those years performed endless engine swaps and wiring harness work for numerous clients looking to build their bespoke BMW. He has poured his knowledge into a guide for your BMW build to ensure you don’t miss a thing, and set off on your first drive with a fully functional build. No more misfires. No more battery draw, or failing alternators. No more ABS and phantom check engine lights; NONE. A step by step checklist, made easy for you, so you don’t have to tear your build apart for a second time.

Our Message to You

What an amazing experience to have completed our most challenging, yet rewarding engine swap of our career! So many thanks to the sponsors who helped us complete this project.

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