188mm BMW Differential Rebuild





Get Your 188mm Medium Case BMW Differential Rebuild Service By Garageaholic!

Look at this 188mm medium case differential rebuild service with this classic rebuild service. This differential rebuild includes a solid replacement of all seals and bearings (bearings optional). We mechanically or chemically strip all components, then paint before reassembly to make your rebuilt differential look as good as it will perform after the rebuild!

We have now partnered with RacingDiffs. Here, we provide all performance and service clutch disc kits. This includes torsen upgrades and traditional clutch upgrades alike. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your 188mm medium case differential today. There are a wide range of BMW models this equates to!  For your E30, E28, E24, E31, E21, E10, E34, E39, E46, E90, E92, E36, E38, E32…. and more!

Additionally, we perform any gear ratio change as well! Keep in mind that the gear changes must be in the same gear ratio range where the same LSD module may be used. For example. 2.79 – 3.07 all use the same LSD module in that gear range. Move up to the 3.15 – 4.10+ range, a different LSD design is used within that range. Gear Changes will come at NO EXTRA Cost if you provide the good condition Ring/Pinion Gears!

Standard work for all differentials regardless of what option is selected is to clean/paint and recondition all parts, replace seals and bearings, set backlash and test, 80A diff bushings, yellow/clear zinc coating all hardware, and shipping back to you!

So What’s The Process?

  1. First, place order for the service on our website here, with all applicable options selected.
  2. Second, pack and ship your differential to our location in zip code 13850. Drain fluid prior to shipping.
  3. Third, when we receive the differential, the lead time to ship back to customer is 4 weeks.

Customer pays to ship differential to us. Price includes return shipping of rebuilt differential back to customer. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us, like 168mm, 210mm, Low to High Gear Change Swaps.

*Does not include new speed sensors

*No Fluid Shipped on return.

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Additional information

LSD Conversion

No Convert Required, LSD Convert, Torsen Carrier Upgrade, Clutch Carrier Upgrade

Clutches Upgrade

No Clutch Upgrade Req'd, 3 Clutch Upgrade, 4 Clutch Upgrade


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