The BMW N54 Integrators Guide for the E36 Chassis

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This N54 E36 Integrators Guide will get you on the right path to effectively executing your engine swap!

Once purchased, you will receive an email within minutes to the email address you specified at checkout. You will receive a direct link to download the PDF right to your phone, tablet, or computer!! So Easy!


Want to experience the future of BMW Vintage Chassis Engine Swaps? This Guide is the Latest Edition to the Family of Engine Swap Guides Featuring:

There are 237 Pages of Detailed, Annotated Figures.
Contained within this document is a section dedicated to continually inspire you!
There are over 20 Pages alone, just in educating you how to access free wiring diagrams and LEARN to read them!! What document does that!?

First Half of the guide is specific to the N54, treated as a black box. This guide provides you everything you need to know in order to integrate the N54 to ANY BMW chassis. This pdf guide includes dimensions, plumbing, pinouts, diagrams, and annotated mechanical figures.

The Second Half of the Document takes the information from the first half and applies it specifically to the E36 Chassis. This enables you to truly understand how to execute every single aspect of your E36 N54 Engine Swap.

This is a single downloadable PDF upon checkout. This single PDF includes Parts Lists for both Performance and Preventative Maintenance. It also includes Suggested Schedules, Cost Breakdown and Vendors with Contact Information.

Once purchased, you will receive an email within minutes to the email address you specified at checkout. You will receive a direct link to download the PDF right to your phone, tablet, or computer!! So Easy!

3 reviews for The BMW N54 Integrators Guide for the E36 Chassis

  1. Josh D (verified owner)

    **I have yet to do the full install!** (Which is why I gave it four stars, to be a bit more fair, but the quality seems to be 100% 5 Star stuff!) I do want to quickly review the contents of the guide. I have seen other guides for different swaps, but this guide is extremely detailed and precise. I will be putting this swap guide to use on my hellrot 318ti, a ~2800lb car with the practicality of the hatch, more interior space than an e30, and the wheelbase of a regular e36 for stability. Add to that a very easy, reliable, 300whp+ from the N54 (with not too hard potential for 400whp+!), getting more than 20ish MPG (dependent on driving!) and you get awesomeness!! After studying the content of this full color, super detailed swap manual, I have full confidence that I will be able to complete the swap and have one very fun, quick, reliable, practical daily driver. Lastly, I also bought this to have a copy because I don’t want to loose such valuable information!! Thanks!

  2. Jay Vi (verified owner)

    By far the most comprehensive resource available for anybody looking to swap an N54. Even if your chassis for the swap isn’t an E36, the amount of time and effort Frank has put into this guide will prove itself invaluable. He has quite literally “condensed the internet” to the point where you should be able to get through your project without more trouble than anticipated. It will be difficult, that’s for sure, as is any swap – though this guide will save potentially hundreds of hours of frustration guesswork: wiring, pinouts, diagrams, etc. And when you’ve hit a barrier – and you will – his insights, advice and experience will the key to helping you see through it. Great dude, great guide, worth every penny! Thanks for the help with everything so far, looking forward for what’s to come!

  3. Ben Watson

    Where to begin…

    I was Frank’s customer for his first N54 swap in the white e36 M3. I am a friend of Frank’s so I am/was aware of his work ethic and his abilities, but he never ceased to amaze me. As an engineer myself, I respect Frank’s perseverance and confidence to take on a large project like this which has challenges coming from several different directions. The most impressive part of my experience with Frank was his dedication. Not only did he take the time to work on my swap, but he documented ALL of this FOR US. Now that I have the car in my possession, I am able to maintain it with information from this guide, and understand how the whole system was integrated. It’s well organized and easy to read. It’s impressive how Frank portrays such an overwhelming project in a more simplistic view so a home DIYer can give it a shot. There is an incredible amount of hard work and pride that has gone in to this guide, and if you’re considering taking on such a large task like this, this guide will most definitely lessen the burden on yourself. Let’s thank Frank for taking that burden and kicking it’s ass!!

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