BMW N54 Engine to E30 Chassis Wiring Diagram


BMW E30 N54 Wiring Diagram one-line


Here is a 13 page dedication to understanding how to wire your custom N54 engine into your E30 chassis. This document has almost NO frills. Here, we cover the tools required, all years and models of applicability, and a dedicated one-line wiring diagram to cover the following configurations:

BMW E30 1983-1992

BMW N54B30 2006-2013 covering E90/1/2/3, E60/1, E82/8

The last page is a 11×17 one-line diagrams showing all the necessary connections, wire colors, fuse sizes, connector views, pinouts, and part number for acquisition of connectors/pins for google searching and purchase on ECS, FCPEuro, ebay….etc. You may purchase the separate components or clipped wiring harnesses

This is a  new product download! The format is PDF to view and enjoy, with embedded links. So read through it, understand what you may need to know. If you would like to take a bigger bite, feel free to buy the entire guide for either the E30 or the E36 chassis. Good luck and happy reading!!


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