Engine Swap Wiring & Pinouts!! Subscription – Weekly

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$55.00 / week

Here is how it works:

  1. You purchase the subscription and get a verification email.
  2. Within 24 hours, you contact me via contact us with details of your issue, questions, comments, or ongoing systemic problems with your car.
  3. I reply/call back to set up the phone/email/zoom where I have already prepared discussion points and topics to move you forward.
  4. From that first meeting we then set up the follow-on meeting later that week where we discuss updates to any homework you’ve tasked for me and I answer those technical questions to keep you moving.
  5. Weeks run from Monday – Monday.
  6. It is a recurring weekly subscription – You can cancel at any time!


This unique service helps to keep YOU on track. This service puts you on a weekly subscription package where you get personalized help with your swap as long as you feel you need it.

This package includes the following:

  • 2x 30min per week of online zoom calls, which include live desktop sharing. One-on-One. I help answer any and all questions you have.
  • This allows you as the customer to execute some tactics or ideas with your swap/issue as you continue to make progress!

Featured advantages of this subscription:

  • This allows you to complete the wiring pinouts for your swap – Engine-Chassis, Power, CAN, Signals, Instrument Cluster….etc.
  • I provide you with any and all resources you need, including excel spreadsheets of pinout information.
  • As a help, I can get you loaded with INPA if the free online instructions do not provide enough guidance.
  • You learn techniques for understanding some basic fabrication skills like welding, wiring, soldering…etc.
  • Most of all, I motivate you to complete your project!!

4 reviews for Engine Swap Wiring & Pinouts!! Subscription – Weekly

  1. Rodolfo Gonzalez-Galvez (verified owner)

    I contacted Frank through Instagram if he had any experience troubleshooting a short to ground, and he responded that he just put out a service to help others. I signed up through his website, and Frank started to work right away to help me figure this short to ground. Frank was very involved and interested in getting to the root cause. He did his homework and pulled up multiple electrical schematics related to the issue to help identify the area of concern. Frank set up a zoom meeting to go over his findings and do some live troubleshooting. I was able to resolve my issue, and my 1989 325is is back on the road. Frank is very knowledgable and patient to help you get your issue resolved. I would use his service again when I am ready to do my n54 conversion on my e30. Thanks again for all the help; keep up the great work!

  2. Jose Goyanes

    Met Frank at Mpact at Pocono Raceway. Which I wanted to bring my N54 Z4 coupe to Mpact but couldn’t because of overheating issues and fan not working properly. I quickly got Frank’s number and set up a day to bring my car to him to get diagnosed and fixed. The whole process was super easy. Frank kept me updated throughout the whole process! He addressed all my concerns and car isn’t overheating anymore and fan is working ! If you have a swapped bmw this is your guy hands down!!
    Thank you Frank!!

  3. Kerry (verified owner)

    Found frank on you tube. All I can say is what a awesome dude. No questions asked for a service that works. My e46 now boasts a n54 335i engine swap. If it wasn’t for frank I could not have got it going. Thank you so so so much bud you are a total life saver.

  4. Mario Aguilera

    Thanks to Frank! For his help with my swap project! I did an engine and transmission swap bmw n55 automatic into an N54 manual everything was plug and play beside the wiring harnesses going to the dme that’s when Frank was able to help me. He did all the wire pinout from both dmes and I was able to match all the wires as well as grounds and power supplies. Frank is the GOAT of swaps.

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